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Rooster Ridge Boer Goats offers quality fullblood boers, purebred boer goats and percentage boer goats for sale in northern Indiana. If you would like to be one of the first to know about our boer goats for sale, upcoming sales and events we are participating in, or to be put on a list for bottle kids as they become available, please use our CONTACT page and send us a message. Please include all relevant information including the type and/or age of animals you want to purchase. We will let you know when we have goats available that fit your needs.  Please see our Terms of Sale at the bottom of this page for our most frequently asked questions about purchasing one of our goats.

We are proud to be offering quality boer goat does, boer goat bucks and boer wethers for show in north central Indiana.  Our goats have found homes all over Indiana as well as in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Oklahoma and have done well for their new owners.  Our boers make excellent 4-H and open show goats and our stock has done well and earned many ribbons and trophies for their owners.  We will also be offering limited quantities of traditionally fed goat meat, as well as grass fed goat meat (pre-orders required).  If you're looking for live animals for processing, we are now taking orders for late 2015 and early 2016, please call or contact us through the website for more information.

We offer a complete line of quality Umbarger show feeds and several brands of show supplements as well as livestock show supplies and equipment.  Please visit our store page for more information.


LIVE COVER BREEDINGS to our proven boer bucks NOW AVAILABLE!! 

We have decided to offer a limited number of live cover, outside breedings on our good bucks in 2015!  Breeding your good does to any one of our bucks will allow you the opportunity to add the quality genetics that we have worked to build our program around and take your program to the next level.  These show bucks will add mass, length, width and fast growth. 

For more information on any of our boer bucks available for breeding in northern Indiana please call or contact us using our web form.



We have several junior does still for sale that we don't have pictured.  If you're looking for good, correct registered breeding pieces to add to your boer herd, come out and see what we have.  These are only for sale because we need to cut back on our numbers as we are expecting a baby very soon.  No pictures available at this time, please feel free to stop out anytime and see what we have, or give us a call or email for more info.  Prices start at $500 per doe and go up depending on the doe.  Does are registered (fullblood or percentage) and correct in their bite, pigment and teat structure.





Bite, teats (1 w/ a spur x 1 w/ a spur) and pigment are correct. Here's an elegant doe kid that is coming on nicely and will mature in to a beautiful doe. She's very feminine and extended through her front, long bodied and is going to be a good producer with quality genetics to back her up - don't pass this doe up as a quality breeding piece to add to your herd.  With 10 *Ennoblements on her papers, including the late, great S2 Captain Marvel and out of a 2DOX bred doe, this girl has the genetic potential to be a long time producer.  She was a triplet but still grew great and her dam is an 8 year old doe that is still producing multiples and raising them on her own with minimal feed. We are retaining her dam, and need to cut back our numbers, so unfortunately, this classy lady needs to find a new home.

Image   Fullblood Doe Kid For Sale Rooster Ridge Jack's Disco Dynamo




ROOSTER RIDGE HPNOTIQ | ABGA #10597688 | DOB: 11/26/2012

SIRE: 2DOX Dragster   DAM: ROSE Y79

Pictured in her working clothes, what you see is what you get. 151 has kidded for us twice now (triplets and twins) and raised good kids. She weaned off a good set of kids this spring and has been out on pasture since, and now started back on light feed during breeding. She is long bodied and a good mama. She is friendly, easy to handle and has been an easy keeper for us.  Teats (2x2 - 1 w/ a spur), bite and pigment are correct. She is currently in the breeding pen (CIDR pulled and put in w/ buck 8/19/15) with our yearling commercial buck "Bugsy" who gained .89 lbs per day his first 90 days and throws that fast growth along with length, rib shape and loin mass to his kids. This would be a great package deal for a 4h-er wanting to add some size and fast growing genetics to their herd.  Doe kids out of this cross are eligible for 50% registration with the ABGA and buck kids would NOT be eligible for registration through ABGA. Will come with service memo for kid registration with ABGA.  She is only for sale because we are keeping a full sister to her in our herd




ROSE Y79 | ABGA #10473793 | DOB: 03/18/2009

SIRE: SWE Main Event *Ennobled   DAM: SGR Southern Brass

What do you say about a doe who is one of the foundation does of your herd?  She's been here since the beginning and is just a good, easy keeping doe to have around.   It was super difficult to make the decision to let this one go, she's the one that you don't worry about when she's due to kid because you just KNOW she can do it on her own.  She's raised so many kids for us, several of which (from different sires) have been in our show string and earned show points.  This is the true meaning of a "proven" doe - she does her job and makes good kids that go on to do their job!.  We have several of her daughters (and now grand daughters) in our herd that have proven to be just as good to have around as she has been.  She kids easily and unassisted, she's raised twins and triplets for us multiple times, on her own.  She milks like a dairy cow, is an easy keeper and doesn't require a feed pan in front of her 24/7/365 in order to maintain good condition.  An own daughter of SWE Main Event *Ennobled and EGGS/RYALS bred on her Dam's side.  She is correct in her bite, pigment and teat structure (2x2). Pictured here in her working clothes, this doe requires very little as far as feed or dewormings and tends to "stay fat on grass". She's pictured here after weaning triplets this spring and then being on pasture only all spring/summer and on light grain (about 1/4 lb per day) for about 30 days.  She sells exposed to "Bugsy" our commercial buck for Dec/January kids (put in with him July 24th) - a combination that produced an excellent set of triplets - including a County Fair Res. Ch. Heavyweight wether and an ABGA point earning doe kid for us in 2014.





MVP Westfall's Captain Jack ABGA #10601930  DOB: 12/8/12


Here's a young show buck that has still got a lot of miles left in him.  Jack is and has been a great show buck for us. He's been hauled and shown at a limited number of shows and is always in the Grand Drive, he's been Grand Overall and Res. Grand Overall under several different judges.  He's long bodied, cool fronted and has a great rib shape.  He adds these things plus stamps his kids with wide set eyes and adds rear leg muscle that is impressive.  He's done a great job for us and produced us some awesome kids (About 50/50 does/bucks) - we've retained quite a few of his doe kids and he's produced us some awesome 4H wethers that have done well for their owners. We're cutting back on the bucks we are keeping, otherwise he would be staying.  He has 27 show points, has passed both visual inspections and DNA has been done with ABGA.  If you're looking for a buck that will get you noticed in the ring and then go home and improve your herd, look no further - Jack is ready to go to work for you!


Image  Image   Image





State Fair / Open Show Caliber Wether!! - SOLD!  Look for this guy in Kansas!


#45 - DOB: 1/30/2015  This guy is SUPER cool and is going to make someone an awesome State Fair and Open Show Wether.  Front to back, top to bottom, he's got it all.  Pics taken 3/14/15

Image Image

Due to the extreme amount of interest in this guy, we've decided to let the market dictate his price. We are now taking PRIVATE bids on him until Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 5 PM EST. Rules are simple, send your high bid to me via text or email. Bid increments are $25. The high bidder will only pay $25 more than the next highest bidder. We will notify you if you get outbid (please send us your cell # so we can text or call you). Bidding closes at 5 PM EST March 28, 2015. If you're the highest bidder, you have 24 hrs after being notified to make payment (PayPal accepted). If payment is not received w/ in 24 hrs, we go to the next highest bidder. Buyer must arrange transport. Health papers will be provided if needed. Please INBOX me or text 574-952-2998 with any questions.


2nd Annual Spring Open Barn Sale

Saturday March 28, 2015 11:00 AM EST

Preview Friday March 27, 2015 from 4 - 8 PM and Saturday March 28, 9 - 11 AM. 

If you're looking for a quality 4-H or FFA wether or market doe for county fair or state fair, plan to come to this sale.  A select set of 4-H/FFA meat goat wethers and market does will be offered.

All wethers and does will be priced and sold private treaty style (no auction) on a first come, first serve basis.  This type of sale was well received by our customers last year and we have decided to keep the same format for 2015.  Photos will be posted on our Facebook page.  You may also sign up for our e-mail list to be notified of updates and reminders for our sales.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us directly. 



Rooster Ridge Sha Zam - Fullblood - $600 - SOLD! Heading to Michigan.

ABGA #10644769   DOB: 2/20/2014

SIRE: Rooster Ridge White Lightning DAM: ROSE X66

Sha Zam is a long bodied, heavy muscled, and show correct doe.  She was only hauled and shown to a limited number of shows this year because of lack of trailer space.  She did pick up a point at her one and only open show, and placed first in her youth class at the same show, and was first in her class at the county fair.  Her pigment and bite are both good, teats are clean 2x2.

Image Image


Blue Tag #54- 98.5% Purebred - $500 - SOLD! Now in Illinois.

ABGA # - NOT ASSIGNED   DOB: 2/23/2014

SIRE: Rooster Ridge White Lightning DAM: Beautie

This doe didn't want to cooperate with us for pictures, so they don't really do her justice. She's long, super feminine and well made, she will make a great addition to any herd. She sells on application (YOU pick her name!).  This is a really pretty girl, don't pass her up. She's clean 2x2 teated, pigment and bite are good. Out of a great producing doe who raised triplets with gains of .67 lb/day + at weaning. 

Image  Image


Blue Tag #55- Purebred - $500 - SOLD!! Now in Illinois

ABGA # - NOT ASSIGNED   DOB: 2/25/2014

SIRE: Rooster Ridge White Lightning DAM: Angel

Love, love, love the elegance this doe has.  She's show correct, clean, 2x2 teated, good bite and pigment.  Her dam milked like a dairy doe and raised triplets with gains of .65 lbs/day or better for all three.  She has Ripper, Bo-Howdy, Main Event, Southern Brass plus more in her pedigree.  Don't pass this doe up as a great addition to your herd.

Image  Image


Blue Tag #162 - Purebred - $800 - SOLD! Going to Arizona.

ABGA # - NOT ASSIGNED   DOB: 2/21/2014

SIRE: Rooster Ridge White Lightning DAM: Chloe

What can I say about this doe?  She's been one of my favorites since she hit the ground.  She's always had a really cool look about her and she's not disappointing me as she's maturing.  She's long, she's pretty, she's tight hided, and she's really cool when you get your hands on her. She's clean 2x2 teats, bite and pigment are good.  She comes from a great Ripper bred doe who kidded and raised triplets for us twice and nursed them all without an issue with gains of .6 lbs/day or better on all three.  This doe isn't registered yet, so you can name her anything you want.  When registered she'll be 98.5%.

Image  Image Image



Rooster Ridge Jack's Southern Girl - Fullblood - $1,200 - SOLD!  Going to Arizona.

ABGA #10644768   DOB: 2/8/2014

SIRE: MVP Westfall's Captain Jack DAM: ROSE Y79

Here is a nice, long bodied, broody doe kid that has tons of potential!! Clean 2x2 teats, pigment is good and bite is on - here is one that will add to any breeding program. She has length, she has mass and she is good on her feet and legs. Her dad is a paint and her dam and her dam's offspring have consistently produced color for us.  This girl should be no different.  

Image  Image



Rooster Ridge Captain Hook -  $750 - SOLD!!


ABGA # 10644771  DOB: 3/18/2014

Sire: MVP Westfall's Captain Jack Dam: ROSE 3TRI B33

Fullblood buckling ready to show now and breed later!  Look at the foot and bone on this guy, he is going to grow and should mature in to an excellent herdsire and show buck.  Don't let this opportunity pass you up to own a buck that is sure to add eye appeal, length and mass to your herd.  Call, use our contact form or text today for more information.

Image    Image

Rooster Ridge Oliver -  Private Treaty - SOLD

ABGA # 10637177  DOB: 12/19/2013

Sire: Rooster Ridge Chipotle Dam: 3TRI A100

This young buck is out of our good doe "100" who has been the 2012 Grand Overall and 2013 Res. Grand Overall Meat Goat Doe at the Marshall County Fair and our good buck Chipotle who was the Res. Jr. Champ and Res. Sr. Champ Buck at the State Fair the last two years.  This guy really has what it takes to make fast growing kids that are correct and show quality.  He is young and really cool when you get your hands on him.  He already has a few show points with limited showing - placing first in several shows and winning Gr. Ch. Junior Buck at the IBGC show in Rennsalaer a few weeks ago.  He keeps getting better and better as he matures and he's already long and massive with plenty of width.   He is ready to be your next junior herdsire and show buck. Sire, dam and siblings on premises.  Teats are clean 2x2 (sire and dam are both clean 2x2), bite is dead on.  Call, use our contact form or text today for more information.



Rooster Ridge White Lightning -  $1200 - SOLD!!

ABGA # 10565698 DOB: 1/29/2012

Sire: 2DOX Dragster Dam: ROSE Y79

Fullblood 2 year old boer buck ready to breed now!!  Clean teated (2 x 2), great bite, no split in his testicles. An extremely fast grower, he was well over 70 lbs at 90 days old and has continuously passed this fast growth on to his kids. Lightning is only for sale because we have retained several daughters and two full sisters so it's time for him to move to a herd where he can be used more. This guy is easy to get along with and has been handled extensively.  Two of the three of his kids that have been shown have placed at the top of their class and earned points.  This guy makes really pretty doe kids and really long bodied, fast growing wethers.  If you need to add size and length to your herd, don't pass him up as your next herd sire.  Call, text or email for more information.


Image  Image

ROOSTER RIDGE ANNABELLE Purebred doeling (ABGA # 10637174) - $800.00 - SOLD!!

DOB: 6/2013 | SIRE: Rooster Ridge Chipotle

       Image   Image

Here's another good doeling out of a Wide Load/Rippin Brass bred doe and sired by our good buck Chipotle. Annabelle has clean teats (2 x 2) and her bite is good. This girl is long, wide and stout. She was a fast growing kid and is turning in to a nice big doe that will be ready to breed this fall. She has always been the biggest, fastest growing of all of the doe kids born here last June - and she's still the biggest doe in her age group.  Her dam has kidded twice and raised twins/trips for us unassisted, if you're looking to add some size and mass to your herd, don't pass this doe up.

ROOSTER RIDGE CLARA Purebred doeling (ABGA # 10637172) - $800.00 - SOLD!!

DOB: 6/2013 | SIRE: Rooster Ridge Chipotle

Image  Image 

Here's one that's hard to part with; she has been in the keeper pen since she was weaned and we had planned on keeping this girl and breeding her this fall for some nice wethers, but our loss is your gain.  Show her this summer and breed her this fall for next year's projects.  She is out of a Wide Load/Rippin Brass bred doe and sired by our good buck Chip.  Her teats are clean, 1 x 2, her bite is good and she is well muscled.  Clara is very feminine with a beautiful head and neck, moderate frame, good muscling, a nice big top and just look at that front end!  Her dam has kidded twice and raised twins/trips for us unassisted. Clara will be a great addition to any herd.



ROOSTER RIDGE CAROLINE Purebred doeling (ABGA # 10637334) - $800.00 - SOLD!!

DOB: 6/2013 | SIRE: Rooster Ridge Chipotle

  Image     Image

Here's a good doe out of a Wide Load/Rippin Brass bred doe and sired by our good buck Chip.  Her teats are clean, 1 x 2, her bite is good and she is a nice heavy, fast growing doe.  She's got a nice big top and plenty of mass!  Her dam has kidded twice and raised twins/trips for us unassisted. Caroline will be a great addition to any herd.



ROOSTER RIDGE SWEETIE Purebred doeling (ABGA # 10637173) - $800.00 - SOLD!!

DOB: 6/2013 | SIRE: Rooster Ridge Chipotle

Sweetie  Image

If you like color, and that 'old style' doe, then take a look at this girl. She's clean 1x1 teated, well balanced and got muscle to boot. Don't mind the winter fuzz, she's no barn baby and has lots of cashmere that she hasn't shed just yet, and it's a little early here in Indiana for a full on bath/clip job. This girl is sired by of our good buck "Chipotle" and out of a Rippin Brass/Wide Load bred doe. Here's another one out of our keeper pen that we are letting go because we are out of room. Her dam has kidded twice and raised twins/trips unassisted for us and milks like a dairy doe.


ROOSTER RIDGE BELLE Fullblood Yearling Doe (ABGA #10604347) - $800.00 - SOLD!! 

DOB: 2/2013 | SIRE: Rooster Ridge White Lightning

Rooster Ridge Belle  Image

This doe has been in our 'keeper pen' since day one.  She's always been one of my favorites, and it's hard to part with her, but we need to make room and have her full sister and dam, so unfortunately, she needs to go.  She is out of our best producing doe/best kidding doe, "Lollie", who has kidded and raised multiple sets of triplets, as well as the occasional 'step kid' all on her own for us.  Belle is clean 2x2 teated, good bite and pigment is correct.  Here is a doe that will show for you this summer and be ready to breed this fall for 2015 kids.


Bottle Doe For Sale - $300 (Price negotiable if you pick up before 3/20/2013) - SOLD!!

Eligible for 50% ABGA Registration.  Out of our Junior Herdsire "MVP Westfall's Captain Jack" (Sired by 2012 Nat'l Ch. Yearling Buck 2TNL Go Dog Go *Ennobled*) and a commercial boer cross doe, this little doeling is going to be a great addition to anyone's herd.  She would be a great start for a kid in 4H looking to get quality genetics and a friendly doe to boot.  Teats are clean, 2 x 1 w/ a split, she already has full pigment and her bite is dead on.  She is about two weeks old in the photos below, she had colostrum and is now taking the bottle like a champ.  We've done the hard work of getting her on the bottle, and now all her new owner has to do is feed her and watch her grow!  First one to the farm with cash in hand gets to take her home

bottle doebottle doe 2  

SIRE MVP Westfall's Captain Jack (Pictured at the 2013 Indiana State Fair - 3rd Place, 6-9 month bucks)




98.5% ABGA American Purebred Doe - Tag #74 - $600.00- SOLD!!  (Congrats to the Myers family in Carroll County Indiana)

(will come with application for registration - price subject to change with age)

DOB: 6/2013 | SIRE: Rooster Ridge Chipotle DAM: TH98 Chloe (Bo-Howdy bred doe, top and bottom)

Teats are clean 2 x 1 w/ a split.

Boer doe for sale in Indiana

Beautiful little doeling that was over 60 lbs at just 90 days old.  Great genetics back this girl up - lots of great names in her pedigree, sired by the 2013 Indiana State Fair and 2013 Hoosier Classic Res. Champion Sr. Buck Rooster Ridge Chipotle, and out of a Bo-Howdy bred doe, you've got the makings of a great addition to any herd.  We just love that dark chocolate head and when you factor in her fast growth, then add clean teats, good bone, good bite and correct pigment and you've got the makings of a great young doe who should mature in to a quality production doe for any herd that can produce fast growing kids to use for show or for market.



ABGA Fullblood Buck - Rooster Ridge They Call Me Lefty (DOB: 4/19/2011) - $800.00 - SOLD!!! (Going to Illinois)

Sire: 2DOX/ROSE Double Shot and out of a Mincey/NSA Master Chombo bred doe.

Fullblood Boer Buck for Sale in Indiana

This guy will be a great addition to any commercial herd or a great 'starter' buck for someone looking to grow/improve their program.

"Lefty" was a triplet and has produced several sets of healthy triplets for us, along with a solid red doe (1x1 teats) that is in our keeper pen - so he produces multiples, color AND can help clean up the teat structure on your does!! He is super easy to get along with, and passes that easy going nature to all of his kids. He is long bodied, flat topped and has a nice wide/thick loin that he stamps on to his kids. His offspring consistently wean at 90 days weighing 60-70 lbs with minimal feed so they have natural good growth without pushing them. He has clean teats (1x1) and a good bite.

Beautiful roman nose/head and a gorgeous horn set with lots of the SA wrinkles on his head and neck, just like they used to make them.

Don't miss out on this guy - he is ready to go to work in your herd for next year's kid crop. 


ABGA Fullblood BOTTLE BUCKLING ($300.00) - SOLD!  Future herd sire in Oklahoma
(will come with application for registration - price subject to change with age)
DOB: 2/13/2013 | SIRE: Rooster Ridge White Lightning  DAM: Rooster Ridge Hot Lil Pepper

26 lbs at just 30 days old, he is showing the same ADG as his sire and his sire's full brother who were both OVER 70 lbs at 90 days old.


  ABGA Fullblood bottle buckling for sale     ABGA full blood bottle buckling for sale front view.      Side view of bottle buckling for sale.

Multiple Ennoblements in this boer bucklings background. Bloodlines include SWE Main Event, ONBG Troubador, SGR Southern Brass and more! Clean bite and teats are clean 2x2 and he is show correct with great pigment already. Don't miss out on this guy for your next herd sire and/or show prospect! 

We will also sell him as a wether if you are looking for a 4H wether he is NOT de-horned.  Most counties will allow you to 'tip' the horns instead of disbudding, please check your local show rules. 

(Photos taken at 3 weeks old)

Terms of Sale: Cash is always good here (and preferred) and a receipt will be provided.  We do accept other forms of payment, including personal/ business checks, money orders, cashiers checks and credit/debit cards through PayPal.  If paying by any method other than cash, the payment must clear our bank prior to the animal(s) and their papers being released from our property.  All sales are final and no refunds will be given for any reason once the animal leaves our property.  If the animal is registered, or eligible for registration, all paperwork will accompany the animal at the time of purchase and is included in the price.  No discounts will be given if you don't want or need the papers.  No paperwork will be available for 'commercial' or 'pet' quality animals, though we can verbally provide you with the pedigree information.  Animals MUST be picked up at the time of cash purchase or within 7 days of payment clearing.  Buyer assumes responsibility for veterinary and/or medical expenses once the animal has been purchased.  We recommend arranging transportation the day that final payment is made and/or cleared.  Beginning on the 8th day, a boarding fee of $2.00 per day, per animal will be required.  Boarding fees must be paid in full prior to the animal leaving the property.  A 50% NON-refundable deposit is required to hold all animals for 14 days, after 14 days the deposit is forfeited and the animal will be re-listed for sale and sold to the next eligible buyer.  Pick up and transportation arrangements are the responsibility of the buyer, and will be at the buyer's expense.  Delivery may be available for additional fees based on mileage and travel time/expenses, please contact us if you have any questions about the above terms or need to make travel arrangements for a goat you would like to purchase.  **All purchases come with after sale support. That means, if you ever need help with a goat you've purchased from us, you can call, text, or email and we will do our best to help you.  Sometimes that means we will give simple advice that will 'fix' the issue, sometimes that means we will tell you to call a vet.  It depends on the situation, but know that we will always do our best to give you the best advice we can for the situation and will be glad to do it.